How to do single crochet through back bar (Camel Stitch)

Isn’t it amazing how many different variations of stitches you can get with just one single crochet stitch?

Camel Stitch aka single crochet trough back bar aka single crochet through 3d loop.

Camel Stitch aka single crochet trough back bar aka single crochet through 3d loop.

Single crochet through back bar stitch is amazing! You may find different names for this type of stitch, some people call it Camel Stitch, some say single crochet through third loop stitch. It looks a lot like knitted but ... well works with the hook! It’s pretty simple you just have to find that back loop and work with single crochet.

I love using this stitch for my yarn leftovers projects. The possibilities are truly endless! From the smallest coasters to big laundry baskets (oh just Baskets!)

Basket with Camel stitch using chunky t-shirt yarn.

Basket with Camel stitch using chunky t-shirt yarn.

I found that you can get the most out of this stitch by working in rounds in spiral way, so I’ll be showing how to work scbbo (single crochet back bar only) in circle without joining the rounds. You need to have your stitch markers ready, because the the spot where you finish one round and start another one is invisible.

circle with camel stitch.png

Let’s get crocheting!

Make magic ring and ch1.

Sc 6 in magic ring, without joining the round find the back bar of the single crochet of the first stitch, insert the hook through that bar and work single crochet. Make another single crochet to the same back bar, repeat 2 scbbo in one back bar of each stitch all the way around.

3d loop.png
tutorial using single crochet through back bar only.

tutorial using single crochet through back bar only.

I used single crochet through back bar stitch in this set of the basket and coasters pattern.

But you can get anything from place mat to even a Purse like in this pattern! by following the pattern of a circle with proper increases.

Oh and did I tell you that this technique can be worked with any crochet stitches, like double crochet and half double crochet?!

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5 Easy Easter Patterns

Easter crochet patterns

Spring is almost here, finally! And it means that Easter just a few weeks away. So besides the usual spring cleaning (meh!) you probably thinking that there isn’t much time left for all these projects you wanted to do. The basket for kids, bunnies and I know you wanted to do that cute little Easter outfit! That’s why I created the list of super easy and fast patterns for you. Get your hooks ready and hop to the patterns!

Crochet basket with wooden bottom and egg holders KIT from my etsy shop KnitzNPurlz

Crochet KIT +pattern.png

This Amigurumi Chocolate Bunny Pillow is a great project for Easter from Sewrella


And of course you’ll need an Easter bunny basket pattern from my etsy shop KnitzNPurlz


Happy Easter and Happy Crocheting!


How To Crochet Baskets With Wooden Bottom

Pretty soon the days will get warmer and you’ll start thinking about taking that Christmas decor down (hey, no judgement here!) and decorate for EASTER TIME! And who doesn’t want to decorate for Easter and make all these cute little basket for kids?!! And if it is a KIT with step-by-step tutorial and everything you need to get your hands on this project, the idea becomes irresistible! An easy, super easy pattern to start and finish within couple of hours.

And on the plus side the KIT includes the wooden bottom for basket, I bet you haven’t done that before. Kudos if yes, if not you definitely should try one. You can find it HERE. It also includes your favorite color of t-shirt yarn, 10 mm and 5 mm crochet hook and of course a wooden bottom!

And I will show how it is done, more then that I will offer you all supplies you need to make one of your own.


Before beginning you’ll need to know these types of stitches:

Ch- chain;

St – stitch;

Sc- single crochet

MC- main color

CC-contrast color

KST – knit stitch or center single crochet stitch

() – repeat pattern from ( to )


Let’s get crocheting!

  1. With 5 mm hook join MC yarn with a single crochet stitch through the hole of the wooden bottom.

2. Continue with single crochet through all holes of the wooden bottom.

3. Cut off yarn and join new thread. Now that you’ve attached yarn to the bottom , you’ll start crocheting the walls of the basket, by working with KST stitch in spiral way.

4. Change to 10 mm hook and continue crochet with KST stitch pattern until the half of desired height. (I have 5 rows in my basket). Cut off MC.


5. Join CC and continue with KST until desired height.

crochet basket pattern

You may even add handles to you basket

6. KST to the corner of the basket, 4KST, make 11 ch st, skip 11 st, KST to the 12th st, continue with KST to the opposite side of the basket and repeat same steps to make another handle, continue with KST until the end of the row.

crochet basket with handles

7. (Sl st around until the handle, 12 sc under the arc of the handle) repeat around the basket.

Cut off yarn and finish off.

crochet basket with handles

8. Join CC yarn under the handle and sl st under and around the handles. Cut yarn and finish off and waive all ends.

basket crochet pattern

And here you go, now you can make beautiful basket with wooden bottom. I hope that you find this tutorial useful and will get inspired. You can find a complete KIT HERE . I can’t wait to see your baskets with delishh goodies in it.

Happy crocheting!


5 Valentine’s Day crochet and knitting patterns

easy ans fast patterns for valentines day

Weren’t we just browsing Christmas gift patterns and now I find myself scrolling down Pinterest looking for V-day patterns! Well I’ve compiled 5 super easy and cute Valentine’s patterns for you, that works fast and most importantly will show all the LOVE that you want to give to your friends and the loved ones.

  1. The heart basket set pattern from KNITZNPURLZ that works up fast and easy, perfect last minute gift that you made yourself for someone special

Crochet Valentines basket pattern

Crochet Valentines basket pattern

St. Valentines hat pattern

St. Valentines hat pattern

St Valentines mittens pattern

St Valentines mittens pattern

Blanket pattern with harts

Blanket pattern with harts

5. Plaid Hat Pattern from NellasCottage

St Valentines plaid hat pattern

St Valentines plaid hat pattern


Did you liked that crochet basket pattern, hop on this link to get it + all necessary yarns you’ll need for making it at my shop.

Crochet heart basket pattern

Crochet heart basket pattern


So now you can surprise your loved ones with handmade gift, and you know where and how to get the patterns! Happy St Valentines day everyone !

Happy crafting,