Wristlet purse crochet free pattern

free purse crochet pattern

I always wanted a small purse or clutch when I run for quick errands and need to grab just the essentials like keys, wallet and phone with me. Or when I have to make a quick trip to the post office and need my hands to be free, the wristlet come to the rescue!

I wanted a bag with simple and easy to crochet stitch, but it should have lining and small zipper so that my little things won’t fall through.

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Wristlet FREE Crochet Pattern.png

I made a little wrist strap to just slip it on my hand and be on my way, but it can easily be transformed into shoulder bag by adding shoulder strap or chain if I want to go out and need stylish way

wristlet  crochet pattern

I chose spike stitch to give me some texture but I modified that stitch as I wanted my wristlet to be in plain color. So I went with alternating 1 single crochet and 1 long single crochet stitch. You can find a quick tutorial of the spike stitch HERE.


I love how T-shirt yarn worked up in this project, I used GRANITE color of fabric yarn. T-shirt yarn makes purse sturdy and holds the shape perfectly. Since it’s made of 100% cotton any project is machine washable, it’s a win-win! You can check all the selection of t-shirt yarn HERE

  • Grab downloadable PDF ADD-FREE PATTERN with even more instructions and photo illustrations in one format.

  • Find all the gorgeous colors of t-shirt yarn of equal thickness and knot-free throughout its length HERE.

  • You can find granite color fabric yarn by clicking this LINK

What you will need:

T-shirt yarn (6 super bulky weight, super chunky yarn) -109 yards (100 m).

Crochet hook – 10mm, N15;

Stitch marker;

cotton fabric - ¼ yard (optional);

Sewing needle, sewing pins and thread that matches fabric color(optional);

Sewing machine(optional);

Zipper - 9”;

Jump ring - 1.

Gauge: 5st=4” and 6 rows=4”

Abbreviations, Stitch knowledge:

Ch- chain;

St – stitch;

Sc- single crochet;

Sl St – slip stitch;

Spike st - spike stitch; (you can find tutorial HERE)

Sl st into bo - slip stitch into back loop;

Scbbo - single crochet back bar only.


The purse is worked starting at the oval base and worked upward in the continuous rounds.

Let’s get crocheting!

  1. Ch 13, then work 11 scbbo starting from the 2nd st from the hook, 3sc into the last st, 11sc into the other side of the chain, sl st into the 1st ch to join the round. (25st)

  2. 2. Ch1, sc into the same st, 2sc into the next st, sc into the next 10 st, 2sc into the next 3 st, sc into the next 10 st, 2sc into the last st, join the round by sl st to the wrong side. (31st)

crochet wristlet pattern

You may steam with iron your crochet piece through cotton cloth to make it straight and even.

At this point you will be working in continuous rounds, place stitch marker at the beginning of the round for easy row counting.

3. Sc in the back loop AND 3d loop of all 31 st around, do not join the round, continue to work in a spiral way and move stitch marker as needed.

4. (1 sc, 1 spike st) repeat all the way around.

5. (1 Spike st, 1sc) repeat all the way around.

6-12. work by alternating rows 4 and 5.

Spike Stitch

Spike Stitch

13-14 sl st into bo all the way around.

wristlet crochet pattern

Finish off and weave ends.

Inside lining (optional)

I decided to insert lining with zipper so that my small things won’t fall through.

Trace around the outline of the purse on the fabric. Cut and iron the piece of fabric. Lay down zipper right side down and pin across the fabric. Sew along the fabric and the zipper.

As you can see I’m no way a seamstress here😂

As you can see I’m no way a seamstress here😂

Now sew two sides of the fabric. Insert the lining into the purse to make sure that the size of the lining is correct. Turn your purse inside out and align the fabric corners with corners of the purse, secure it with few stitches. Turn it back inside, pin the fabric into the place of the purse. Hand sew the lining alternating sides as you go and removing pins.

wristlet crochet pattern lining


  1. Ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from the hook.

  2. 2. Turn your work, insert hook under 3d loop and make 1 sc under 3d loop.

  3. Turn your work again, 1 sc under first 2 st on the hook and then 3d st.

Romanian cord.png

Continue repeating row 3 until desired length (I did my handle 15” long). Cut about 20” thread and finish off by sl st. Wind around the thread and hide the end in inconspicuous place. Attach a jump ring to the handle and to the purse.

Finish off and weave ends.

Wristlet Clutch Purse Free Crochet Pattern

Wristlet Clutch Purse Free Crochet Pattern

Happy crocheting!